Dear Advocates and Witnesses,

Effective August 15, I have accepted the position of Senior Minister at the Church of the Larger Fellowship.  As thrilled and excited as I am about that, I am sad to leave this work that has been so fulfilling, engaging, and faith-building for me.  The main reason I have loved it is YOU.  I will say much more in the months between now and my departure, but wanted to note this transition here on this blog page.

Please know that this work that I love is not ending, only morphing into a different form.  I look forward to knowing you in future incarnations!

Standing on the Side of Love,
Meg Riley

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Rev. Meg Riley


  1. Maralyn Boysen

    Congratulations. You Go Girl. I finally discovered what the Church of the Larger I belong to Nature Coast UU in Citrus Springs Fl. I think we need more education, so when we hear words or initials like The GA or The CLF, wwe know if we are for it or against it.

    Good Luck. A still searching UU and curent Choir Conductor at NCUU.

    Maralyn Nell Boysen


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