Two weeks ago, at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual business meeting, General Assembly, the new UUA social justice statements were passed. The new four year study cycle–Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI)–was passed along with five new Actions of Immediate Witness (AIW).

The AIWs along with the new CSAI will give both the UUA and its member congregations insight into which social justice projects have been given higher priority by the delegates of the General Assembly.

This year, we passed a new CSAI on Ethical Eating. For the next four years, the UUA and its member congregations will be studying how our eating choices affect our bodies, our communities and our world. Questions of environmental toll, resource distribution, health and diet, and economic impact of globalized food economies will undoubtedly be asked. This topic was overwhelmingly passed by the member delegates and was endorsed by UUs for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, UUs for A Just Economic Community and the Youth and Young Adult Caucuses.

This year, six new Actions of Immediate Witness were passed. These AIWs will help guide our public and internal policy for the next year. They are:

The new CSAI and AIWs will be important in the coming year to make sure we all work in a unified and effective community for our common dreams. For more information on these and past social justice statements please visit

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