Hope you had a Happy Earth Day.

About a month ago we sent out an Earth Day “e-packet”, asking congregations to devote this past Sunday to eco-conscious worship and activities, including a letter writing campaign to support effective climate change legislation. By “we” I mean a consortium of UU groups – the UUA’s Washington Office for Advocacy and the office of Congregational Advocacy and Witness, the UUMFE, the UUSC, and the State Advocacy Network and UU Legislative Ministries. We pooled our resources and sent them to all our lists. It was the first time we’d ever done anything that coordinated.

I got several emails from UU congregations about their Earth (Sun)Day activities, and thought I’d share what some of your fellow UUs are doing:

In all, UUs from ten congregations took the time to write. They are:

The UU Fellowship of Fredericksburg is planning their new Fellowship Hall with green practices in mind.

Starr King UU Fellowship in Plymouth is promoting vermicomposting.

At First Parish UU, their choir sang the song “Trash” from Sesame Street. I love that song!

For Pathways Church, it was the *first* letter writing campaign for this young congregation. Congratulations and thanks!

All Souls in Greenfield did A LOT of outreach to surrounding congregations and got some media coverage.

UU Community Church of Santa Monica happens to be represented by Senator Boxer and Representative Waxman. They are the sponsors of the climate change bill that the UUA is supporting. So the church sent their letters plus kids drawings to both of them.

Speaking of kids, Charlotte, First Parish Cohasset, Santa Monica all had intergenerational programming, which was something we encouraged. Fantastic!

And last but not least, Peter Bowden from UU Planet wrote to say that UUPlanet.tv participated by featuring videos related to global warming, climate change, green living, etc.

Thanks to all who wrote and the many more who didn’t, who participated in congregational Earth Day activities this year.

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