A lot has happened this past month on climate change. The Kerry-Boxer Bill (Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009) was voted out of the Environment and Public Works committee. Senators Kerry, Graham, and Lieberman started a tri-partisan “dual track” of negotiations on a climate bill, working with the White House to craft legislation that would be likely to get the necessary 60 votes. President Obama agreed to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, which many of us and our allies have been and announced that he will negotiate to reduce US global warming emissions “in the range of 17%” by 2020. We need stronger climate action to really protect our planet and prevent further climate catastrophes from happening.

With the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference next Monday, December 7th, we’ll all have to keep tuned to the direction the climate talks go. A number of UUs will be in Copenhagen and may contribute to this blog while they are there. In other news, information on the Dial Down Climate Change campaign should be on the Climate Change pages of the UUA website soon and the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth website has information about other ways of getting involved.

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  1. Jan Dash

    The Committee on Sustainable Development NY (UN, CoNGO) has a one-page summary on climate change with recommendations to governments. We are taking the paper to Copenhagen. Over 80 NGOs have signed on with support, and we are looking for more. Details are on the UU-UNO climate change portal at:

    My wife Lynn and I are leaving for Copenhagen today, and will write back to this blog.

    We will also be posting to the UU-UNO climate change portal at:

    Jan Dash
    Director Climate Change Initiative, UU-UNO
    Executive Board, UN CoNGO CSD NY


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