Over 500 people from 30 states attended yesterday’s rally on Capitol Hill, which was planned by the Coalition to Pass Health Care and Stop Stupak. Speakers from national women’s health and reproductive rights organizations, Members of Congress, and religious leaders took the podium to stand up for reproductive justice. All day long, delegations visited their House Representatives and Senators asking them to ensure that the language of the Stupak Amendment is not included in the final health care reform bill.

Read Rev. Meg Riley’s statement from the rally and her call to action on UUA.org.
And check out http://www.stopstupak.com to learn how you and others in your community can get involved.
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Orelia Busch


  1. Bill Baar

    You want Universal care managed by universal protocols of care, you're gong to get the majorities opion then on what's the appropriate protocol. You'll get political medicine decided by congress e.g. yesterday's vote in the Senate to over rule the expert panel on mammograms.

    Be careful what you ask for, especially if you're in the minority on things like abortion. God help you if you have a disease not supported by a big disease lobby.

    You're getting what you ask for with this so called reform….be careful what you ask.


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