Throughout the month of December and into 2009, Unitarian Universalist communities across the United States are invited create pictures of peace in intergenerational arts and crafts time. Please use crayons, finger paints, collages, or any other medium to convey your dreams of peace. Congregations are encouraged to hand-deliver the pictures to the office of their local decision makers. The pictures, along with a ministerial cover letter will allow church members to create relationships with their senator and share a dream of peace.

This is an excellent project for Religious Educators to adopt. It gives the opportunity to community members of all ages to learn and teach from one another and be active together. This allows people who usually do not interact with each other (young people and elders) to work together in a spirit of peace and intergenerational dialog.

Now, in the Holiday Season and the beginning of a new Government, Unitarian Universalists will share the opportunity to imagine that world of peace and justice. Please join us as families, friends and members of a religious community to develop pictures of peace for the future.

Now is also a crucial time for Unitarian Universalism as a movement. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is currently exploring what UU peacemaking looks like. Congregations are urged to read and discuss the rough draft for the Statement of Conscience on Peacemaking. This document, to be voted upon by General Assembly in June 2009, aims to be a comprehensive, dynamic and prophetic vision of what UU peacemaking could look like. Please review the document with the intention of giving feedback to the UUA by February, 2009.

We encourage you and your community to participate in this conversation by downloading the rough draft of the Statement of Conscience on Peacemaking and sharing your feedback. This year, the Commission on Social Witness requires at least 25% of UU congregations approve of the Statement of Conscience being voted upon by the General Assembly. Your congregational feedback helps us reach that crucial goal. Congregational feedback opens *Tomorrow* at

For more information on the project along with resources on how to organize an in-district lobby visit and UU peacemaking, please visit

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  1. Bill Baar

    It’s long on peace, and short on justice… if it allows Rev Sinkford to speak with the tyrant and talk peace and remain silent on those fellow Liberals the tyrant oppresses, then we need to question what we’re about.


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