Updated, Expanded Resource: Welcoming Our Neighbors: An Immigration Resource for Unitarian Universalists

Do you remember that skinny 12 page resource for UU Immigration Reform advocates that we released back in May? Well, based on further research and your feedback, it has been up-dated, expanded, and re-named, and has emerged as a strapping 27 page guidebook! Take a Look!

New sections include the answer to what exactly “comprehensive immigration reform” entails, stories of immigrants’ experiences of injustice, and how you can support immigrant justice through–I am not making this up–Myspace.

But don’t worry; the guide won’t overwhelm you; the Table of Contents will guide you to just the sections you need, when you need them!

I hope you’ll take a moment to skim through it, or, should you feel so moved, to print it out and carry it around with you everywhere you go.

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Lisa Swanson

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