Rev. Cynthia Cain, minister of the UU Church of Lexington, published a letter-to-the-editor in the Lexington Herald-Leader on Saturday calling on the Senate to pass the economic stimulus package. She used some of the statistics within the Washington Office’s letter to the Senate calling on them to Right our Moral Balance.

The stimulus package is expected to be voted on today or tomorrow. Once voted upon, it will go to a conference committee made up of leaders from the Senate and the House of Representatives. That committee will reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The reconciled bill that emerges from that committee has to be approved by the full House and Senate before going to President Obama for his signature.

Congress returns to their home districts this Friday for a week long in-district work period. It is essential that they complete this work before Friday!

Now is a crucial time to write letters to your local paper calling for your members of Congress to finish work on the stimulus package so that America can get back to work. The Washington Office for Advocacy has a resource offering many useful tips on writing a letter-to-the-editor.

Join us in supporting the stimulus package to save and create jobs, improve our shared infrastructure, develop safe and modern learning environments, and meet the sustainable energy needs of the future.

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  1. Bill Baar

    Rushing an investment in a power grid in the name of creating jobs is a poor way to accomplish social justice… Obama, his mentor in the Illinois Senate, have always been close to the Ayers family and the Energy business… I wish the house had at least allowed a debate on HR1 to get a little of this out in the air… Check Obama's Exelon ties at the Real Barack Obama

    Or the NYT a few days ago on Obama and Excelon

    There are many public infrastructer projects that should be encouraged but disguising this investment as stimulus that will create near term jobs is very disturbing. To dress it up as social justice is worse.

    People need to take a deep breath here and think this through.

  2. Adam G. Gerhardstein

    Social Justice, to me, is not something that can be accomplished. It is a way to live. When record numbers of people are losing their homes and jobs then to me it is time to act! As a Unitarian Universalist, I feel compelled – Right Now – to live my faith by doing everything possible to help pass this legislation that will save homes, jobs, and lives.

  3. Bill Baar

    Look at where Obama went to flog this… Elkhart Indiana where they make RVs, and Ft Meyers FL, a town that boomed with boomers buying second homes and a third to flip in a year. So a guy who put 20% down and lives below his means is supposed to finance this speculation? I watched housing inflate and wondered how my kids could ever afford a house….

    …bubbles bursting can be a good thing.

    Propping up values beyond what a market can sustain is socially unjust… you folks ought to think the economics through on some of this…

    …and Adam the stimulus bill, and the housing proposal are two different initiatives by the way.

  4. Bill Baar

    by wife and daughter both lost their jobs by the way… this bill will do nothing for them safe extent unemployment comp a bit…great….


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